Deacon of the Week ending April 20, 2014

Bob Tadlock

assisted by Mercury Theriot

Deacons of First Baptist Lafayette

Vernon Albert                    Steven Ancelet                    Dan Barbato
David Belmore Ernest Bieber John Bolin
Bobby Boone Ron Bryant Ben Burgess
Truitt Calhoun Gale Campbell Don Carr
Bill Christian Bob David Dave Davis
Joseph Davis Ken Deal Ron Dubois
Don Emerson Glenn Emfinger Robert Farmer
Joe Garbarino Boone Gilbert Cliff Haw
Terrell Hebert Kenny Hill Lucius Hornsby
Tony Jeter Ed Junk Ken Lee
Joe Maniscalco Rodney Manning Ryan Metz
Jim Miller Jeff Moncrief Connie Moran
Mark Moreau Rocco Musumeche Bobby Philips
Mike Placek Tom Poche Ronnie Powell
Randy Prather Al Pringle Josh Proffitt
Bob Rhodes Lannie Richardson David Ross
Marvin Savoie Chip Sebastian Eric Simmons
Ken Sims Dennis Smith Elliott Smith
Michael L. Smith Hartie Spence Bob Tadlock
Mercury Theriot Jeff Thomas David Tilley
R.B. Trahan Chris Vann


Qualifications of Deacons

1.    Deacons shall meet the qualifications set out in Acts 6:3 and I Timothy 3:8-13.

2.    Since this church firmly believes that tithing is God's way of financing the church program, every deacon shall be a tither, as a minimum.

3.    Since this church believes in total abstinence, it shall be the policy of the deacons never to engage in use, manufacture, sale or serving of any alcoholic beverage.

4.    Every deacon shall be the husband of one wife. (He shall not be divorced.)

5.    Every deacon shall be faithful to the five regular services of the church, i.e. Sunday School, morning worship, Discipleship Training, evening worship, and Wednesday evening prayer service, unless providentially hindered.

6.    Every deacon shall accept the responsibilities of the deaconship: serving the Lord's Supper, receiving the collection, and assuming his share of the Deacon Ministry Plan. He shall cooperate with his fellow deacons and pastor. He shall attend all deacons' meetings unless providentially hindered and shall support the entire program of the church.