Pastor Search

In June  2019 the Pastor Search Committee of First Baptist Lafayette began actively seeking God's will for selecting the next Senior Pastor. Please join us in praying for this process. If the Lord has led you to provide the committee with a resume, please do so by submitting it to . Below are reports from the Pastor Search Committee.

­Senior Pastor Profile

The First Baptist Church Lafayette, Louisiana

The First Baptist Church of Lafayette, Louisiana, (First Baptist Lafayette) affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, invites applications for the position of full-time Senior Pastor.  We are prayerfully searching for one who walks in Biblical truth, promotes Christ-centric authentic relationships, possesses spiritual maturity, fosters compassionate ministry, and lives in joyful obedience.  He must possess a heart for evangelism, and must unite with us in proclaiming the urgent message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We seek to welcome an outgoing, courageous, visionary leader who inspires both young and old to model and follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, selflessly and with complete abandon.

First Baptist Lafayette has elected a Pastor Search Committee (the “PSC”).  The PSC is actively seeking God’s will for selecting the next Senior Pastor.  We believe the man God calls as our next Senior Pastor should possess competence and commitment in the following key areas of ministry.  After reviewing this Senior Pastor Profile and after prayerful consideration, if the Lord leads you to submit a resume for consideration by the PSC please submit the resume either (i) via email to or (ii) via mail to the attention of the Pastor Search Committee at First Baptist Lafayette, P.O. Box 3888, Lafayette, LA 70502. 

Preaching and Teaching of Scripture:

  • Agreement with Baptist Faith & Message of 2000 and ensure all preaching and teaching of scripture is consistent therewith.
  • Share the Gospel message in a clear and convicting manner that all can understand.
  • Preach sermons always centered on scripture with relevant personal application.
  • Preach the Word with boldness while challenging the congregation with an appeal for action.
  • Give an opportunity at the conclusion of each sermon to respond to the Holy Spirit through a time of public decision.
  • Encourage various styles of worship and Bible study, both individually and corporately, in a variety of settings.
  • Recognize the importance of reaching out to young families and inspiring all ages to delve more deeply into God’s Word and apply it effectively in their lives.
  • Promote the deep study of God’s word so that errant theology will be recognized and countered.
  • Lead, promote and grow vibrant Discipleship and Bible Study offerings including a Sunday School program.

Outreach and Missions:

  • Exhibit a clear passion and commitment to reach those in our city, all of Acadiana and surrounding areas as well as around the world who have yet to come to faith in Jesus Christ, including through domestic and international missions.
  • One who consistently shares and encourages others to consistently share the message of the Gospel with those he comes in contact.
  • Be intentional about personal witnessing and lead church visitation and outreach.
  • Have an intentional focus on fostering a church that welcomes, ministers, and disciples all walks of life, generations and cultural backgrounds in order to share the Gospel and grow the church.
  • A leader who is committed to supporting the Cooperative Program through the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

Vision and Leadership:

  • Be a gentle spirit, above reproach, humble, sober and a good husband (and if applicable, father) to his family.
  • Be a role model for individual and corporate prayer and Bible study.
  • Be a great listener, counselor and have a genuine concern for the care of the congregation and the community.
  • Be a person able to inspire and encourage others to join in God’s inspired vision for growing First Baptist Lafayette.
  • Be the face of the church in the community, media and social media to expand the reach of our church ministries.
  • Be an experienced and effective leader in all aspects of our church’s activities including vision, strategy, Human Resources, conflict resolution and planning.
  • Lead staff through mentoring and development. Inspire the vision God leads you so they have complete confidence.
  • Encourage, inspire and mobilize members and lay leadership to minister as His heart, hands, and feet through their spiritual gifts and talents.
  • Provide vision and leadership to the school administration and the Advisory Board of First Baptist Christian School to strategically grow the school as well as provide a quality education and faculty.
  • Experience with and a commitment to leveraging technology, including computer and media to further Christ’s work in the church and reach into the community.
  • Nurture cross-generational activities and interaction; treasure our past as we embrace our future.

Preferred Experience:

  • Minimum of Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary
  • A Doctor of Ministry or PhD is a plus, but not required
  • Ten years or more of ministry experience and experience leading a church organization, including developing and managing a budget, and managing staff
November 17, 2019 Report from the PSC

The nine members of the Senior Pastor Search Committee have continued to meet regularly for prayer and to hear from God. We have been busy reviewing appropriate resumes that have been submitted as well as working ahead on future meetings when the time comes to meet with potential candidates. These resumes are being prayed over and reviewed with the Senior Pastor profile in mind. The committee has continually met as a group but also have been able to take advantage of resources available on the internet.

Please continue to pray for the committee and for the man that God has for us. Specifically, pray that the committee will have wisdom and clarity as they work together and that in due time God will unite all our hearts for the next Senior Pastor.

July 28, 2019 Report from the PSC

The PSC is actively pursuing its mission of finding God’s will in the selection of our next Senior Pastor. All 662 Pastor Profile surveys have been received and collaborated to form a master Pastor Profile for our church. This profile will now begin to be sent to individuals, religious agencies and institutions in order to continue receiving resumes. Thank you for helping to complete this profile.

At this point, the committee has clocked over 170 hours of meeting time, countless email exchanges, and many, many hours of individual and group praying. They have diligently prayed that God would send us a man who would fulfill Ezra 7:10.

Thank you for praying for us and the work you have blessed us with to complete. As the work continues we will continue to give updates as much as available. The full Pastor Profile is located on our church website at

June 16, 2019 Report from the PSC

Members: Marc White, Chairman; Glenn Emfinger, Boone Gilbert, Monica Hornsby, Tom Poche, Josh Proffitt, Dennis Smith, RB Trahan, Rita Whatley

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) has been meeting regularly for the purpose of praying, planning and implementing a plan of action in calling our next Senior Pastor. Thank you for continuing to pray for them in the work to which God has called them. The PSC is committed to providing the church with periodic updates on its work and progress. The following information includes a few important updates from them.

1) EVERYONE PRAYING EZRA 7:10: The PSC has requested that the entire church family pray this verse of Scripture to guide them in the selection of the next Senior Pastor. Please commit to praying this verse each day at 7:10 a.m., 7:10 p.m., or both.  

2) RECEIVING RESUMES: On Monday, June 17, the PSC will begin receiving resumes for the position of Senior Pastor at First Baptist Lafayette. There will be two methods for resumes to be received: (1) via electronic mail at or (2) via mail at First Baptist Church of Lafayette, P.O. Box 3888,  Lafayette, LA 70502, for the attention of the Pastor Search Committee.

3) PASTOR PROFILE SURVEY: In addition to your praying Ezra 7:10 daily, the PSC is also seeking your input as it develops a Senior Pastor Profile. An electronic and paper survey will be conducted with the church membership during the next three weeks during the Sunday School hour. This survey will help develop a Senior Pastor Profile and will be used by the PSC as they pray over, review and vet the submitted resumes for candidates for Senior Pastor. The survey will be completed in all High School, College and Adult Sunday School classes on June 23, 30, and July 7.