Finding Meaning: Wisdom from Ecclesiastes

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March 3 - When Life Feels Empty

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with no purpose? Join our group as we start a new study that chases that question. We will be in the Book of Ecclesiastes with Solomon, who looked into a lot of different things to find meaning. He only found one way of living that breaks free and gives our lives meaning.

March 10 - The Problem with Pleasure

We often try to compensate for the boring or hard parts of our lives by seeking pleasurable experiences. We also like to accumulate things, feeling a sense of security from them. In His love, God created us to enjoy life, but when we pursue those pleasures apart from God, the ultimate pleasure we seek eludes us. Join our Bible study this week as we discover why pleasures fall short in giving our lives meaning.

March 17 - The Problem with Wisdom 

Join our Bible study this week as we continue our dive into the Book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon was considered the wisest person who ever lived, yet he still felt the futility of life. He knew that wisdom by itself is not enough. Join our discussion as we see how the greatest wisdom comes in trusting God.

March 24 - The Problem with Work

If we view our work only from a secular perspective, it will frustrate us and leave us empty. What’s the point of all this work we do if we’re just going to leave it to those who will squander it later? Join us this week as we bring a kingdom perspective to the problem of work.

March 31 -The Problem with Wealth 

Money is a good servant when we use it wisely for God’s glory, but it is a terrible and demanding master when we become a slave to it. Many of us think that, if we just became rich, that would solve all our problems. Join us this week as we learn about the problem with wealth and instead find God’s solution.

April 7 - Full Contentment

We all remember how difficult it was to learn obedience when we were kids. But obedience is not just for children. We all benefit from a life of obedience. While Jesus’ obedience has saved our lives for eternity, Solomon reminds us this week that our own obedience is the key to a full life.