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EPHESIANS: How to Live Happily Ever After, Part 2

EPHESIANS: How to Live Happily Ever After, Part 2


Passage: Ephesians 5:25-33

Speaker: James Pritchard

How to Live Happily Ever After, Part 2
Ephesians 5:25-33

C.I.T./S.—Christian husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the Church.

Purpose—I want to challenge our men to commit to loving their wives as Christ loved the church.

Introduction—Men of the old movies/tv shows—Rifleman, Marshall Dillon, Pa in Little House on the Prairie—ultimate man was Jesus Christ—He becomes our standard of manhood, and being a husband to our wives

  1. We are to lead our wives with a Sacred Love. 25a
    1. Sacred assignment to lead
      1. Vs. 23 argues that the husband is the head.
      2. As we showed last week from Genesis 2 and 3, the husband is the head/leader of the family.
    2. Sacred assignment to love
      1. Command to love—agape
      2. Present tense—ongoing, constant driving force of leadership
  • The way that a Christian husband leads his wife and family is by loving her/them.
  1. As a Christian husband, we have been given a sacred mandate and a responsibility from God.
  2. We must be willing to accept this sacred assignment and lead by loving our wives.
  3. —David to Solomon—1 Kings 2:1-4
  4. Application
    1. So many men reject this call.
    2. Either they lead through intimidation, coercion, force, or abuse
  • Or they simply abandon their responsibility and allow their wives to take the lead, while they spend time on hobbies or video games
  1. They are either a bully or a coward
  2. A true Christian decides to be a man
  1. We are to lead our wives with a Sacrificial Love. 25b
    1. Call to love as Christ
      1. Paul gives the imagery of Christ as the husband and the church as the bride.
      2. The wife is to emulate the example of the church following Christ’s lead.
  • Then it would follow that the husband should follow the example of Christ as the husband of the church.
  1. How did Christ love the church?
    1. Gave--referring to a particular event
    2. Jesus allowed himself, out of respect for the Father and out of love for his future bride, to be crucified on the cross
  • What was the reasoning?
  1. Humanity was headed to hell because of their sin, and they needed someone to step in to save them.
  2. This sacrifice is ultimately applied to those who have placed their faith in Christ and therefore make up the church.
  1. —Joplin tornado story
  2. Application
    1. Too many men ask “What’s in it for me?”
    2. They view their wives as a commodity to please them: roommate, cook, housekeeper, babysitter, nanny
  • When his tastes changes or she isn’t able to fulfill his desires, he finds another.
  1. But God’s man doesn’t ask what’s in it for me…he asks how can I love you?
  2. He is willing to set all aside for the sake of his wife.
  3. That man will become her hero.
  • We lead our wives with a Sanctifying Love 26-27
    1. Purpose of Christ’s sacrifice
      1. Make her holy—sanctify, holy, set apart
      2. Washing of the word--cleansing/washing of utensils for temple worship
  • Here, it serves as a metaphor for preparing the bride to meet the bridegroom
  1. At the end of days, a wedding banquet when the bride, the church, will be united with he bridegroom, Christ
  2. He worked initially in saving and now ongoingly in preparing her for himself
  1. Spiritual purpose for your wife’s life
    1. She will be presented to Christ one day.
    2. A Christian wife has an initial washing of the water of the word when she came to Christ.
  • But He isn’t finished working on her yet.
  1. One of the vehicles that he uses is her husband to encourage her to Christ.
  2. The husband will be held responsible for how he furthered her walk with Christ or how he discouraged it.
  1. —fertilizer vs poison
  2. Application
    1. Are you leading the way in developing your wife’s walk with Christ?
      1. Praying, studying the Bible, leading the way to church and service
    2. Or are you a hindrance to her growth?
      1. Neglecting your spiritual growth
      2. Doing nothing—discourage from church/bible study
      3. Absent—getting in the woods
  • Our goal is to lead by loving her to Jesus.
  1. We lead our wives with a Sensible Love 28-32
    1. It just makes sense to love your wife.
    2. Love as your own body
      1. In the same way that your cherish and provide and care for you body, do so for your wife.
      2. Meet her needs and cherish and care for her.
    3. She is your body
      1. Two become one flesh
      2. Spiritually you are one, so if you neglect or hurt your wife, you are in essence hurting yourself
  • If you love and care for her, you are loving and caring for yourself.
  1. Again Christ and the church are our example,
  2. 1 Peter 3:7
  3. Application
    1. Your spiritual wellbeing is tied to your loving leadership of your wife.
    2. Happy wife, happy life
  • Be smart, take care of her and she will take care of you.
  1. Be smart, take care of her or He will take care of you.


  • 33 Summary—husbands love, wives respect (fear)
  • If a husband loves his wife this way, he will not have any problems getting her respect, may even get a few back rubs.
  • A man can never love this way if he hasn’t experienced the love of Christ.--Salvation
  • A man can never love this way if he is walking daily with Christ now.
  • Call for men to accept their call and love their wives.



Joplin Tornado


At 5:34 PM on Sunday, May 22, 2011, an EF-5 tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri with 200 mph winds for 39 minutes, killing 158 people.  One of those stories was of Don Lansaw.  His wife, Bethany, and he fled to their bathroom, she got in the bathtub, covered in pillows, and he got on top of the tub and covered her.  Once the storm passed, she removed a pillow she had been using to cover her face and saw that her husband was turning blue, his life fading away.  In an interview later, she said, “He got on top of me to take the brunt of most of it; he’s my hero.”    


1 Kings 2:1 As the time approached for David to die, he ordered his son Solomon, 2 "As for me, I am going the way of all of the earth. Be strong and be a man, 3 and keep your obligation to the LORD your God to walk in his ways and to keep his statutes, commands, ordinances, and decrees. This is written in the law of Moses, so that you will have success in everything you do and wherever you turn, 4 and so that the LORD will fulfill his promise that he made to me: 'If your sons guard their way to walk faithfully before me with all their heart and all their soul, you will never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel.'


1 Peter 3:7 Husbands, in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with a weaker partner, showing them honor as coheirs of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.