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EPHESIANS: Keeping it Between the Lines

EPHESIANS: Keeping it Between the Lines


Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 5:15-21

Speaker: James Pritchard

Keeping it Between the Lines
Ephesians 5:15-21

C.I.T.—Fulfilled living requires a Spirit filled life.

C.I.S.—We must fill ourselves with the Spirit.

Purpose—I want our church to know that we are unable to live the Christian life without the operation of the Holy Spirit in our life.

Introduction—Lane assist on a car

  1. Focus on the Scoreboard 15-16
    1. Therefore—in the midst of the previous instruction about the Christian life.
    2. Pay careful attention—see with understanding—take stock and evaluate
    3. How you are living
    4. Criteria
      1. Are you living wisely or unwisely?
      2. Are you using your time wisely?
        1. Buying back the time
        2. Days/time are evil—meaning they will suck the life out of you
        3. Time is running out
      3. —Scoreboard tells us the score and time
      4. Application
        1. We must know what is on the scoreboard of life.
        2. We must know what the time is left.
  • We must constantly check the scoreboard to keep us focused on what we need to be focused on to live wisely.
  1. Follow the Lord’s Plan 17
    1. Don’t be ignorant…
      1. operate with ignorance
      2. Being simpleminded or clueless
  • Aimlessly maneuvering through life
  1. Understand and know the Will of the Lord.
    1. Know with understanding, recognize and accept it.
    2. General will of God for all people, get saved, get baptized, worship, etc.
  • Specific Will of God—marry this person, go to this school, get this job, etc.
  1. The Will of God provides the roadmap for our lives and keep us on His path.
  1. —Floating down the river
  2. Application
    1. If we don’t seek the Will of God for our lives, we are simply flowing down the stream of the world.
    2. That stream leads straight to Hell.
  • Proverbs 9:10
  1. Sometimes the God’s will seems extremely difficult if not impossible.
  • Fill up with the Spirit 18-21
    1. Be filled by the Holy Spirit
      1. Christians all possess the Holy Spirit and are initially filled by the Spirit.
      2. We find in the New Testament that at some special times, Christians were filled the Spirit separately from their initial filling.
    2. What does it mean to be filled by the Holy Spirit?
      1. Contrasts drunkenness with being filled with the Spirit
      2. Drunkenness is being filled with alcohol to a point in which you are not completely yourself
        1. This is not a passage on drinking.
        2. He does say that it is debauchery—wicked sin
        3. All I will say is what is the Biblical definition of drunkenness and at what point do you reach it?
  • The contrast is in the same way that someone is under the influence of alcohol, they should be under the influence of the Spirit.
  1. Christians all possess the Spirit, but not all are under the influence of the Spirit in their day to day walk.
  2. Being filled by the Spirit then means that we are empowered to fulfill the Will of Jesus.
  1. How does one “be filled”?
    1. Present tense—ongoing situation
    2. Imperative—something we must do
  • Passive—something done to us
  1. Participles are what are working on us:
    1. Singing together
      1. Speaking to one another in various types of songs
      2. Communicate back and forth, teaching each other through song
      3. Singing from the heart, passion and Spirit filled, not just going through the motions/being entertained
    2. Praying together
      1. Giving thanks—prayers
      2. Plural mean that we are praying together
    3. Serving together
      1. Submitting to one another
      2. Yielding to the needs of the other
      3. Because we revere/fear the Lord, Jesus
    4. Colossians 3:16—being filled parallels “let the Word of Christ dwell richly among you”
      1. Done through teaching the Word of God
      2. Through songs
    5. We are filled with the Spirit, when we engage fully in the life of the congregation.
  • Acts 2—Pentecost—Acts 4—Prayer meeting
  1. Being filled with the Spirit is when we are empowered by the Word of God to fulfill Jesus’ will for our life.
  2. —Gas station—need to fill up
  3. Application
    1. Living wisely requires power that we don’t have in ourselves.
    2. We must have the power of God through His Holy Spirit.
  • This includes worship, singing and preaching, but also praying and ministering to one another.
  1. How often do you need to fill up?
  2. How often do you need power?
  3. This is why we encourage worship attendance, Sunday School, and Wednesday night engagement with the church.
  • We are filling you with the Holy Spirit, so that you can worship the Lord with your life every day.


  • Jesus has given us wisdom, will, and Spirit of Jesus to keep it between the lines.
  • We are responsible for utilizing them.