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EPHESIANS: Maintaining the Imitation of God

EPHESIANS: Maintaining the Imitation of God


Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 5:6-14

Speaker: James Pritchard

Maintaining the Imitation of God
Ephesians 5:6-14

C.I.T.—Children of the light shouldn’t partner with the works of darkness.

C.I.S.—You must not partner with ideologies and actions that stem from darkness.

Purpose—To provide a Christian ethic based on waling in the light.

Introduction—How do we stay faithful in a sin soaked world?

  1. Keep a Clear Head 6
    1. Do not be deceived by empty words
      1. tricked through intellectual arguments
      2. Vain words sound smooth and logical; just a lot of verbiage with no truth behind it
  • Ultimately they are empty and foolish
  1. Misinformation
  1. In this context, he is referring to arguments that seek to belittle sin in general, and sensual sin in particular.
  2. On account of these things
    1. Referring back to the romantic perversions
    2. Wrath of God is his wrath of judgment against sin
  • Sons of disobedience—those rejecting God
  1. Regardless of how lofty the argument, the wages of sin is still death.
  1. —Echo chamber—want to hear people to affirm what I already believe, Texas AM is the best college football team, don’t lose, just run out of time, officials fault, freak accident, etc.
  2. Application
    1. The world is actively trying to deceive us: media, entertainment, friends, etc.
    2. Our wicked hearts want to be deceived, because it allows us to justify ourselves.
  • We can’t be deceived because of what it will do to us.
  1. Keep a Clean Heart 7-8
    1. Partakers—someone who joins in and shares in something
      1. Ephesians 3:6—Someone who partakes in Christ by believing/accepting the gospel and following it
      2. Here it refers to someone who accepts that deception and trust it with their heart
    2. Darkness vs. light
      1. Were these things, which means this describes you, not just you were in the darkness or in the light, but you are these things
      2. Were and now—before Christ and after accepting Christ
  • Our light is merely the reflection and the presence of Christ in us.
  1. Without the presence of Christ, we are darkness, and are not able to clearly discern or know the truth or the way to life properly
  2. Now that we have Jesus, we are light and can know the truth and how to live properly
  1. —Blindfolding yourself
  2. Application
    1. When we as Christians who are light, willingly partake in darkness, we have been deceived in to putting on the blindfold.
    2. Maybe we rebel against the Lord and put in on.
  • How do so many Christians affirm and engage in so much debauchery?
  1. We have neglected the light and put on a blindfold.
  • Keep a Christilike Hand vs. 8-14
    1. Walk
      1. Walking refers to the actual actions and way someone lives
      2. As children of light—someone who is operating as light instead of darkness
  • According to the fruit/principles of light
    1. Goodness—something beneficial in effect, could be stern of difficult/sharp, but beneficial
    2. Right or just—conforms to the revealed will of God and appointed by God through His Word
    3. Truth—pertaining to the reality behind perception
    4. Upright with respect to one another, with God, and with self.
  1. According to what is pleasing to Jesus
    1. While proving
      1. Participle means contemporary time
      2. Proving is testing metal to prove its worth
      3. Would refer to testing thought and actions to make sure they are worthy
    2. Pleasing to the Lord
    3. Asking the questions does this thing please the Lord
  2. Positively we live life with these principles as children of light
  1. Do not have fellowship
    1. Fellowhsip refers to taking part in or sharing—affirming and engaging in behavior
    2. Works of the fruit of darkness
      1. Refers to the actions that result from someone living in darkness
      2. Opposite of those principles above
      3. Not engaging with the people, for we must share the gospel
      4. But their works
  • Unfruitful/worthless
  1. Ultimately judged under the wrath of God
  1. Expose
    1. Expose something to the light to see it better
    2. Sin likes to be in the darkness, to be covered up, in back alleys and dark rooms
  1. If we point it out and bring it to light, we are less likely to engage in it.
  2. Problem is that this is becoming more mainstream
  1. —Matthew 18 calling out, and James, confessing sins to one another, confessing to Christ
  2. Application
    1. The one in light will walk according to it, avoid fellowshipping with it, and expose it.
    2. We must confess our sin and call a spade a spade.
  • By ignoring it or engaging in it, we perpetuate it.


  • How do we maintain, by living in the light of Christ.
  • Invitation to step into the light