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EPHESIANS: Paradox of Missions

EPHESIANS: Paradox of Missions


Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 6:19-22

Speaker: James Pritchard

Paradox of Missions
Ephesians 6:19-22

Central Idea of the Sermon—We are encouraged when we engage in missions.

Purpose—To highlight missions’ involvement to encourage Spiritual development.

Introduction—Paradox—seemingly absurd or self-contradicting statement that is actually true

  1. Missionaries need our church to partner in Missions.
    1. This verse continues the previous verse and applies the idea of the church praying for Paul.
    2. Paul was an apostle/missionary
    3. Content—that God’s Word would be given to Paul for his current circumstances
    4. Purpose
      1. That He would be successful in fulfilling his calling as an ambassador of Christ
      2. That He would have success in sharing the gospel in his circumstances
    5. How we partner for missions.
      1. Southern Baptist Convention—collection of churches that associate based on common doctrine (Baptist Faith and Message) and a common mission (reaching the world for Christ)
      2. Evangeline Baptist Association
        1. 42 churches and missions in Lafayette, St. Martin, Vermillion, and Iberia Parishes.
        2. Church planting, revitalization, and pastoral encouragement.
  • Louisiana Baptist Convention
    1. 1600+ churches/missions in Louisiana
    2. Church planting/revitalization, Church encouragement, Disaster Relief, BCMs, youth/children camps
    3. Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home, Louisiana College
  1. Southern Baptist Convention
    1. Over 50,000 churches/missions
    2. International Mission Board
    3. North American Mission Board
    4. Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission
    5. Lifeway
    6. Guidestone
    7. Six Seminaries
  2. El Renuevo—Hispanic mission
  3. Chinese ministry
  • Other partnerships
  1. How we do it
    1. Pray
      1. Special weeks of prayer
      2. Entities have prayer newsletters
      3. IMB Prayer App
    2. Give
      1. Budget
        1. CP—10.5%
        2. EBA, LoveInc., World Hunger, UL BCM, ABC
      2. Special Offerings
        1. LMCO, AAEO, Georgia Barnett State Missions, Bower-Conrad Associational
      3. Past partnered with Compassion International, Another Child Foundation, Louisiana Reach Haiti
      4. Disaster Relief—Reserve, New Orleans—Port Ministry/FBC Reserve
      5. Total given in the last 10 years is at least $7.8 Million
  • Go
    1. Mission trips—Romania, Brazil, Nicaragua, Haiti, Alaska, and others; COVID has pressed pause, but we are looking
    2. Disaster Relief trips--hurricanes
    3. Engagement with partners—leaders among the EBA, LBC, and SBC
  1. We have a role to play in spreading the gospel beyond Acadiana, and we need to do it.
  2. We need to commit to pray, give, and go.
  1. We need our church to partner in missions.
    1. Sent Tychicus—fellow worker/missionary with Paul, would have been called an Evangelist
      1. He took the letter to Colossae and to Ephesus
      2. Instructed and reported on the mission work of Paul and his associates
    2. Resulted in comfort/exhortation
      1. Invitation to come alongside
      2. Relieve sorrow and concern
    3. Their involvement in missions resulted in their encouragement and motivation to come alongside even more.
    4. The more the church focuses outward, the more it is developed inwardly.
    5. —Going on mission trips does more for the mission team than the destination
    6. History of the WMU
      1. Started in 1888, with Annie Armstrong as the first Executive Director/Treasurer
      2. The Women’s Missionary Union was founded to support the SBC by promoting missions education, raising money for missions, and calling out the called
  • The developed WMU groups in each state convention, association, and churches
  1. They then developed a program to educate the next generation in missions: Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Mission Friends.
  2. The emphasis was to educate and motivate children to engage in missions by teaching in a way that would engage children.
  3. Over time, some of these organizations and programs lost their way, for two main reasons: no hook or no bait
  1. Application
    1. As we focus outwardly, we benefit inwardly.
    2. Missions must be our main thing.
  • We must Pray, Give, and Go.


  • Commit to mission involvement in our church
    • Preschool Department
    • Children Department
  • Pray for Missionaries Connected to our Church
    • Pat & Veronica Melancon – Thailand
    • Scott & Dana Belmore – Alaska
    • Leah Brown – Peru
    • Meghan Myers – undisclosed
    • Tyler & Abbie Wales – Siberia (currently stateside)
    • Victoria Manning – stateside
  • Invitation