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EPHESIANS: Your Grace-Gift Assignment

EPHESIANS: Your Grace-Gift Assignment


Passage: Ephesians 4:7-16

Speaker: James Pritchard

Your Grace-Gift Assignment
Ephesians 4:7-16

C.I.T.—A life worthy means a life maturing.

C.I.S.—We must take responsibility to grow and mature.

Purpose—I want our people to see that we have a responsibility to mature and disciple ourselves and our families.

Introduction—Life worthy—unity—but—unity through diversity

  1. Embrace your grace-gift. Vs. 7-10
    1. Grace
      1. Context of Ephesians 3—grace given to Paul was His apostleship.
      2. This grace refers to an assignment or an appointment from God for ministry.
    2. Given to each one of us
      1. To give or to appoint
      2. refers to all Christians
  • Aorist—refers to a common experience
  1. Upon our salvation, we received this grace-gift
  1. According to the measure
    1. Christ is the one who determines what grace we receive
    2. This is according to His plan for us individually and the kingdom collectively.
  2. Ascended on high
    1. Jesus as a conquering General both receiving and giving the spoils of war.
    2. This giving was intended to be a blessing.
  3. —Designer suit—tailor made for you.
  4. Application
    1. This assignment comes with charismata, special gifts—Romans 12:6-8, 1 Cor. 12
    2. This grace-gift assignment matches your personal talents and passions.
  • Only you can fill it, so embrace this tailor made assignment.
  1. Encourage your grace-gift. Vs. 11-12
    1. He grace-gifted certain people as apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastor/teachers
    2. Equip the saints
      1. Saints refers to saved people who have received a grace-gift
      2. Equipping means to outfit someone for battle or to restore something/someone back to fitness
    3. —Outfitting a new duck hunter
    4. Application
      1. The way to encourage is to submit to the ministry of equipping ministers.
      2. Pastor, ministers, teachers, etc.
  • The ministries of the church can help equip you, but if you don’t take responsibility to develop, you never will.
  • Exercise your grace-gift. Vs. 12
    1. You are equipped to work in the context of your grace-gift.
    2. Work refers to labor, sweating
    3. Ministry—diakonos—deacon/table servant
    4. —Time to go hunting, and the new duck hunter stays in bed
    5. Application
      1. All of that discipleship and equipping is for not if you don’t put it to work.
      2. We have been given a job, so do it!


  • Embracing, encouraging, and exercising your grace-gift assignment will lead to spiritual maturity, doctrinal integrity, and spiritual growth. Vs. 13-16
  • This is only as the diverse parts are working in unity.
  • How do we do this? Connect-Grow-Serve