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1 Peter 3

Focus on what we understand

by Steve Horn on September 13, 2019

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First Peter 3:18-22 is for sure the most difficult passage of this letter. Some might even conclude that these verses may be the most difficult to interpret of the entire Bible. Martin Luther had such feelings about verse 19. He wrote in his commentary, “A wonderful text is this, and a more obscure passage perhaps than any other in the New Testament, so that I do not know for a certainty just what Peter means.”

This reminds me that there is much in the Bible that we do not quite understand. When I don’t understand something in Scripture, I always like to remind myself that there is so much I do understand. Instead of focusing on what I do not understand, I need to focus on what I do understand. Chapter 3 here is a good example of this. I might not quite get yet the meaning of verses 18-22, but what about the issues of submission? I understand that. What about the issue of living in harmony with one another? I understand that. What about being ready to give a defense for what I believe? I understand that. You get the point, don’t you? Let’s focus on what we do understand. Obeying those principles instead of worrying about obscure passages of the Bible ought to be our real focus.

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Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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