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2 Peter 1

Pressure from inside the church

by Steve Horn on September 16, 2019

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Even though the text indicates that Peter was the author of this letter, many scholars have argued that Peter could not have been the author. In fact, more discussion in academic circles concerns the authorship of 2 Peter than perhaps any other book. The main argument is the extreme variance of the Greek language style used in the two books. A simple answer to this apparent problem is that Peter wrote 1 Peter with the help of Silas (NIV) or Silvanus (other translations), and he wrote 2 Peter himself. {See 1 Peter 5:12}

The progression of thought for 1 Peter focuses on standing against the pressures that come from outside the church. The focus on Peter’s second letter is to guard against pressure from inside the church. Peter defended his thesis by declaring that his message and teaching came as the result of being an eyewitness to Christ (1:16-18). In addition, Peter reminded that the Holy Scriptures were not man’s invented words, but that these words had their origin in God (1:20).

Many today, as always, shift away from the Word of God. Pray a prayer for discernment today that you will always measure every teaching against the whole counsel of the Word of God. Of course, in order to measure teaching against the Word of God, we must know the Word ourselves. I am thankful for you who have a commitment to read God’s Word daily.

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Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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