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2 Timothy 4

Pray for you Pastor

by Steve Horn on August 18, 2019

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Finally, in chapter four, we learn that our perseverance is going to be tied to an awareness of God’s call on our lives. If we know God’s call on our lives, we must be faithful to fulfill that call no matter the obstacle.

I am reminded that Paul writes this letter to Timothy—his preaching protégé. Notice how this last chapter unfolds. First, Paul gives Timothy the charge to preach the Word. He cautions that there will be times that people will turn from the truth and find teachers that will “give them what they want.” After a word of personal testimony in verses 6-8, Paul talks about the very personal side of his preaching ministry. He recounted the fact that Demas left him having loved the present world. He is not as harsh in speaking of Crescens and Titus, but nonetheless, they have left him. Alexander gets particular notice for having caused great harm to him. We can only imagine what this must have been. Not a lot of encouragement to his young protégé if this is what he has to expect. But, then, Paul gives the word of constant encouragement. Timothy can always count on the LORD who will be with him and strengthen him.

Whoever your pastor is—if he is an unknown or the most famous name in preaching today—he needs you praying for him. He needs you to pray that he will be faithful to the task of preaching even when he has to preach some hard lessons. He needs you to pray that he will be forgiving when some turn away from him. He needs you to pray that he will be wise when those try to do him “much harm.” Most of all, he needs you to pray for him that he will sense the presence of the LORD with him in every circumstance and the power of God to strengthen him so that the message of God will be fully preached.

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Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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