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Acts 8

Expansion of the Church

by Steve Horn on May 08, 2019

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Beginning in chapter 8, we begin to see the expansion of the church to uttermost parts of the earth. Remember that for a Jew, the idea that a Samaritan could be part of God’s kingdom was certainly the ends of the earth. Beginning in chapter 8 we see some of the keys to the expansion of the Church.

One of the keys to the expansion of the Church is the commitment of individual persons to witness. The example of Philip in chapter 8 illustrates the principle of personal witness. There is no real substitute for the advancement of the Gospel outside of one on one witnessing.

The great evangelist, Billy Graham, was asked if he had to live his life over, what would he change? He answered, “Teach more people to share the Gospel.” Billy Graham recognizes that even with all the people that have been saved through his preaching, more could have been saved through one-on-one witnessing.

Philip’s example in Acts 8:25-40 helps us to understand three ingredients to sharing our faith as individuals. First, we must be sensitive to the Spirit. (29) Second, we must be willing to get involved with people we do not even know. This action is going to require great courage and commitment. Finally, we must use the Scriptures. The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Let us never forget that the Scriptures are living. Using the Scriptures creates a spiritual dynamic that cannot be replicated by our human words.

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Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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