February 13, Numbers 13-16


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Today’s reading contains one of the most important lessons of the Old Testament.  The lesson comes from the 10-2 report from the spies of the Promised Land.  The bad report led the nation to decide not to go to the Promised Land and subsequently led to the 40-year wandering experience.  The LORD also declared that the whole nation would die, except for Joshua and Caleb (the two spies with a positive report).

 The lessons are multiple.  Let me mention four. 

  1. It is not about the size of our giants, it is the size of our God.
  2. We always reap what we sow.  This is the continuing lesson of the Bible and life.
  3. Our sin rarely affects just us.
  4. Delayed obedience is disobedience.  They tried to go, but God did not bless them. Their window of opportunity was closed.  Even though God forgave, they still had to reap the natural consequences of their sin.

What other lessons do you see in the "Giving of a Bad Report?"

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