February 14


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As I have said, Numbers is a story of detours.  A quick summary of the book of Numbers could go like this:  1)  The Nation of Israel After the Exodus (Leviticus 1-12); 2)  The Nation of Israel Wandering (13-25); 3) The Nation of Israel 40 Years Later (26-33).

Forty years.  It could have been something like just a few days over 40 days had it not been that report from the 40 days of spy investigation.

Perhaps for some of you, it could be said that your life right now is more on a detour than a journey to the Promise Land.  If so, I am willing to venture at a guess as to why you are on a detour.  Ready?  It’s the same reason that the nation of Israel was on detour.  Sin. Disobedience against God.  Do yourself a favor.  Release the pride, humble yourself before the LORD, admit your sin, repent of your sin, receive the forgiveness of God, and get back on the right road.  You will be glad you did, and so will many others.  And, one other thing—don’t wait 40 years. 

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com. Animated video by www.thebibleproject.com

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