January 11, Genesis 27-31


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Yesterday, we read about Isaac and Rebekah’s source of grief because of their daughters-in-law.  We read a little more striking statement today in Genesis 27:46.  Now, we learn that Rebekah is disgusted with living because of these women.  She is not sure that life is worth living if Jacob would do the same as Esau.  Now, certainly she was right in wanting the best for her son.  But, you know what?  I don’t think God ever wants us to get to the place where our satisfaction in life is dependent on what someone else does.  Ask God to show you if you are allowing the actions of someone else to rob you of your joy. The other thing to observe in this verse is the place that it plays in giving a reason for Rebekah to ask Isaac to send Jacob off to search for a wife among her people.  If not for her displeasure, which of course was introduced earlier, Isaac would not have called Jacob, blessed him, and commanded him to Paddan Aram.  What is all of this?  Deception?  Yes.  Bitterness?  Yes.  Sin? Probably so.  But, you know what else?  The sovereignty of God!  Absolutely! Jacob’s life is saved from the angry hands of Esau.  Jacob will soon become the continuation of a promise made to his grandfather Abraham.

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