January 12, Genesis 32-36


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Yesterday and today we have read about Jacob. Here’s what I see about Jacob. His life can be summarized by four spiritual milestones.  The first two milestones were read yesterday. First, Jacob was arrested by God (chapter 28) soon after his departure to the land of his mother. God is in control, but Jacob would need to come under the control of God. Jacob’s transformation is not yet complete, but I think it begins here with a ladder. Second, Jacob wasredirected by God to go back to the land of his fathers (chapter 31). Third, Jacob was restored by God (chapter 32). Finally, Jacob is reassured by God (chapter 35). God confirmed with Jacob the covenant of Abraham. In three of these four milestones, Jacob built an altar to the LORD to declare his praise. Take a moment today to reflect on some of your spiritual milestones. Then ask yourself whether you are still living by the direction that these milestones pointed.

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