January 15, Genesis 41-44


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I am captured by the way our reading begins today.  We are told that two full years passed. That’s a long time to wait. That’s especially a long time to wait when we feel like we have been treated unfairly to start. Sometimes God calls us to wait. We want to go now, but God says wait. If you are in a waiting period today, thank God for the wait and remind yourself that God has a plan. While sometimes God calls us to wait, other times He calls us to “Go!” The beginning of chapter 42 offers an interesting parallel to the waiting at the beginning of chapter 41. In essence, Jacob says to his sons, “What are you waiting on?” Apparently the sons were just standing around looking at each other. Have you ever been around a group of people when you wanted to say what Jacob said? Maybe today God says to you, “What are you waiting on?” My prayer today is that we would not be ahead of God or behind God, but right in step with Him. It is one thing to be waiting on God, but entirely something else for God to be waiting on us.

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