January 18, Exodus 1-2


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Today’s reading sets the background for the deliverance of Israel from the bondage of slavery. Many generations have passed since Jacob’s sons had been invited to live in Egypt.  (Exodus 12:40 tells us that the length of stay in Egypt is 430 years.) During this time, the people of Israel have become numerous, but their life in Egypt has become miserable. The last verse of chapter 2 catches my eye. God looked on them and acknowledged them, so says the New King James Version. The New International Version says, “God was concerned about them.”   

God knows our situation. He sees our trouble and is concerned. If a friend says to us that he/she is concerned about us, we are comforted. How much more should we be comforted when God says He is concerned? 

I like the lyrics of the song by Tommy Walker entitled, “He Knows My Name.” The chorus goes like this:

            He knows my name
            He knows my every thought
            He sees each tear that falls
            And hears me when I call


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