January 8, Genesis 18-20


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All three chapters of our reading today remind us of a fundamental lesson in walking with God.  We can always trust God’s Word.  In chapter 18, the LORD visits Abraham to assure that the long awaited promise of a son will come to fruition the following year.  Even though Sarah laughs at the notion that she and Abraham can have a son, the LORD responds, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”  In chapter 19, Lot and his family learn that when God says He is ready to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, God means what He says. In chapter 20, Abraham is again found to be slow to trust God to keep His word to protect Abraham’s family.  Again, Abraham tries to pass his wife Sarah off as his sister (Remember chapter 12) in order to have his family protected.  Once again, Abraham learns that the best kind of protection is to trust God’s Word. Are you having trouble today trusting God to keep His Word?  May the stories of Abraham and Lot remind you that nothing is too hard for God.

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