January 9, Genesis 21-24


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Since chapter 12, one thing has dominated the story line—a son for Abraham and Sarah. That’s why chapter 22 is hard to fathom.  After all the years of no son, now God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering.  What strikes me about this scene is how the story seems to crawl to a snail’s pace.  Sometimes the Bible summarizes large blocks of time in a single sentence while other times minutes take sentences.  As I think about it, maybe our lives are like that.  We breeze through the easy moments and even say about them, “That was a breeze.”  Similarly, the difficult moments of life seem frozen in time.  So, does the beginning of this New Year find you in a slow moment?  Take heart.  God may be asking you to put all on the altar.  When you do, you will find that He is always the LORD Provider.

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