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John 1

The Gospel of John

by Steve Horn on April 10, 2019

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Biblical students usually refer to the first eighteen verses of John as the Prologue. These verses serve as an introduction to the whole gospel. John did not begin with the birth account as does Matthew and Luke or the preaching of John the Baptist as does Mark, he began with Jesus’ pre-existence with God, the Father. In these first eighteen verses, John got right to the point about the true identification of Jesus. Consider what we learn about Jesus in these first eighteen verses:

1. The unmistakable relationship between God and Jesus

a. Though we often refer to Jesus as God’s son, John 1:1-18 makes it clear that Jesus is God. Follow the sequence:

(1) John 1:14, “The Word became flesh.” Who do we know became flesh? Jesus(2) John 1:1, “The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Conclusion: Jesus is God in the flesh.

b. The prologue indicates the eternal nature of Jesus. (1:2)c. The prologue indicates Jesus doing things we know God did. (1:3)

2. The unmistakable relationship between John the Baptist and JesusJohn is the witness; Jesus is the light

3. The unmistakable purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ(1:12) All who believe will have the right to be children of God.

4. The unmistakable reality of the coming of Jesus Christ Some would believe and some would not (1:10-12)

The Point: John wastes no time in indicating that Jesus is God.In addition to the prologue, John used the testimony of John the Baptist to reveal the identity of Jesus. John the Baptist’s testimony is summarized in verse 29, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” This testimony is repeated on the next day as recorded in verse 35. John the Baptist’s revelation came as a result of what he witnessed as he baptized Jesus.

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