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John 4

The Samaritan Woman

by Steve Horn on April 13, 2019

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Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well gives us a great glimpse into the compassion of Jesus. His confrontation with the woman was not out of condemnation, but rather compassion. I’m sure it hurt the woman to have to be honest with Jesus about her past, but what she finds is not condemnation, but compassion.

Jesus reached out to the woman with compassion for the same reason that he reaches out to us. He knows that the life that He can give is better than any life we pursue for ourselves.

The woman’s story is our story. We are ashamed. We want to hide. We think that God will condemn us because of our sin. Instead, He forgives our sin, cancels our sin, and shows us compassion.

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Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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