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Mark 7

He Has Done Everything Well!

by Steve Horn on March 07, 2019

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Mark 7 ends with this assessment of Jesus: “He has done everything well.” I suspect that reading that sentence today produces one of two very opposite reactions. The reaction that we know that we are supposed to have is, “Of course, He has done everything well; He is Jesus!” The other reaction is opposite, and you don’t want to admit you even think it, so I will do it for you, so you don’t have to. That is, you could say, “Really? It doesn’t always seem like Jesus does all things well.”

In Mark 7, Jesus confronted the Pharisees about their wrong ideas of obedience. He cast out a demon from a little girl and healed a man blind man who also had difficulty speaking. On those days, we find ease in saying, “He did all things well.” But, what about those other days in our lives? What about when our healing doesn’t come? What about those times when those who oppose Jesus seem to win the argument? What about those days when it doesn’t seem all is well?

We remember that believing that Jesus does all things well is a matter of faith. If today is a difficult day, the kind of day in which it is hard to see where Jesus is at work, remember, by faith, that in the end, He is a Savior who does all things well.

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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