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Read Through the Bible

Matthew 3

John the Baptist

by Steve Horn on February 03, 2019

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You know what dawned on me today. If John the Baptist would have shown up in our world today, he would have no doubt been treated as a crazy man. He didn’t dress like a preacher ought to dress. He did things not becoming of a preacher. He was different! But, God used this different preacher to point the way to Christ.

The Book of Matthew is about Jesus. John the Baptist even makes this clear with his hesitancy to baptize Jesus and his pronouncement about Jesus. However, this particular chapter does make a point about the kind of people God uses. Before we “write someone off” because of the way they dress or their style of preaching, we better get to know their heart. After all, from outward appearances maybe the Pharisees were more likely candidates to be the forerunners of Christ, but God doesn’t look on the outside, He looks on the inside. So, God took the one who dressed differently, but preached boldly, and used him in a mighty way.

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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