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Proverbs 12, November 12

Our Speech

by Steve Horn on November 12, 2019

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Again, here is one of the chapters in Proverbs that focus on the tongue or our speech. Proverbs 12:13, for example, says, “An evil man is trapped by his sinful talk.” Several news stories have caught my eye in recent days. It seems that a 14 year old in California has started a “No Cussing” Club on her high school campus. Her idea has caught on across the nation. The California teen says that she wants to use her words to encourage people. She hopes that her idea of “no cussing” will catch on with government officials, including her local congressman. Good for her!

Sinful talk! I suppose sinful talk could encompass cussing, lying, gossiping, as well as a whole host of other kinds of talk. Let the Proverbs remind us again that “from the fruit of {our} lips {we} are filled with good things.

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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