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Proverbs 15, November 15

Gushing evil

by Steve Horn on November 15, 2019

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We have observed before how much attention is devoted to the tongue in the Proverbs. Indeed, wise is the person who is able to control his or her own tongue. Proverbs 15 is rich with instruction and caution concerning the tongue. Meditate today especially on Proverbs 15:28. “The heart of the righteous weighs its answers, but the mouth of the wicked gushes evil.”

One of my observations about the use of e-mail is that it is so much easier to “gush” without thinking, push send, and regret later. Before e-mail, we had to go through the trouble of writing the letter and finding the stamp before dropping in the mail. The truth is we didn’t lash out as much. As much as I like to correspond by e-mail, I wish that we could return to those days of not “gushing.”

The heart of the righteous weighs its answers. Here’s what I see. Suppose someone sends you an e-mail full of “gushing evil.” Next time, weigh the answer before you reply. You will be glad you did and probably will save a fractured relationship. At least read it a few times before you push that dreaded send button. Make sure you weigh the answer.

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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