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Proverbs 5

Men, you need to hang out in Proverbs 5. Women, the principles apply to you as well.

by Steve Horn on January 05, 2019

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A few years ago, I spoke at a Men’s Retreat. I spoke on the subject, “Messages I Wouldn’t Preach on Sunday Morning.” Proverbs 5 was a key text. It’s not that the subject matter was not appropriate; it’s just that the subject matter was directed right to guys. Men, you need to hang out in Proverbs 5. Women, the principles apply to you as well.

What I appreciate about the words of Proverbs 5 is that the wisdom for avoiding the pitfalls of adultery is dealt with not just in the negative way of staying away from the other woman, but in the positive way of staying with your woman (your wife).

Here’s what I told the guys at that retreat. I hope this doesn’t offend our female readers. Here’s the key to avoiding adultery: Wake up with God’s Word every morning and go to bed with your wife every night!

Then, I shared with them this quote.

Russ Blowers, longtime minister at East 91st Christian Church in Indianapolis was asked “what was your greatest accomplishment in 44 years of ministry?” This successful pastor, who had led his church to be one of the largest in Indiana, led the Billy Graham Crusade to Indianapolis, president of his denomination’s convention said, “My greatest accomplishment is that I never had to go into my kids’ room and try to find some way to apologize to them for being unfaithful to their mother.”

Devotional by Steve Horn. Scripture links by www.biblegateway.com.

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