Barbara Accardo

Preschool Directoroffice: 337-593-3671

Iris Boone

Receptionistoffice: 337-233-1412

David Burleigh

Director of Video Productionoffice: 337-593-3792

Luther Burney

Assistant to the Pastoroffice: 337-593-3652

Michelle Burney

Accounting Assistantoffice: 337-593-3650

Josh Carver

Associate Minister of Music and Worshipoffice: 337-593-3758

Lana Carver

Children's Choir Coordinatoroffice: 337-593-3756

Dennis Clark

Minister of Mediaoffice: 337-593-3744

Wendy Davis

Administrative Assistant to the Pastoroffice: 337-593-3645

Jackie Durkee

Youth & College Ministry Assistantoffice: 337-593-3654

Susan Emerson

Principal, First Baptist Christian Schooloffice: 337-237-1546

Davide Giacalone

Director of Kitchen Ministriesmobile: 337-5933735

Brad Gill

Minister of Outreach and Collegeoffice: 337-593-3656

Laura Guidry

Children's Ministry Assistantoffice: 337-593-3661

Steve Horn

Pastoroffice: 337-593-3645

Queenie Lau

Minister to Chineseoffice: 337-232-9334

Lindsey LeBoeuf

Music Ministry Assistantoffice: 337-593-3748

Dustin Lee

Minister to Childrenoffice: 337-593-3662

Daniel Mann

Minister to Studentsoffice: 337-593-3655

Melvin Mendoza

Hispanic Pastor

Scott McKenzie

Minister of Educationoffice: 337-593-3665

Mark Moreau

Director of Facilitiesoffice: 337-593-3636

John Frank Reeve

Minister of Music and Worshipoffice: 337-593-3755

Collin Roberts

Minister of Technical Artsoffice: 337-593-3622

Marianne Ruffin

Education Ministry Assistantoffice: 337-593-3659

Gizell Simmons

Accountantoffice: 337-593-3651

Ray Swift

Administrative Pastoroffice: 337-593-3645