Sunday School Online

Scott McKenzie teaches the lesson for ALL ADULTS


Hartie Spence teaches the lesson for COLLEGE STUDENTS

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Zoom Sunday School

If you haven't been in one of our Zoom Sunday School classes you should join us this week. Zoom is a LIVE experience that happens at 9:30 a.m. Sundays where you can connect with video and audio (or audio-only) from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, or you can easily connect by audio from a landline telephone. Don't miss this opportunity to meet together with your group and have a live Sunday School lesson from your group's leader. Church and Sunday School members will receive an invitation each Saturday if we have your email address. If you don't get an invitation click the button below and we will send you one.

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Preschool, Children, and Youth

We have videos, pdf's of activity sheets, and other resources that we would use in the classroom available for you to use at home. To access these resources you need to login to REALM, our new church communication tool. All Church and Sunday School members have been sent invitations by email if we have your email address. Look for this invitation (check your spam or junk mail folders if necessary) and follow the directions to create your account and login to REALM.

Parents - once you have logged into REALM, find YOUR OWN Sunday School GROUP, and then click on the FILES tab and you will see all the resources available for all preschool, children, and youth groups.

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