Service Times

Dear First Baptist Lafayette,

  • September 6th—9:30 A.M.—Launching modified on-campus Sunday School for Preschool, Children, Students, College, and limited Adult Departments
  • The remainder of adult classes maintain zoom meetings
  • 9:30—Legacy Service
  • 11:00—Modern Service

Over the last few months, our region has been one of the hotspots for the Coronavirus, and our church has been stuck in neutral concerning relaunching our ministries.  I have been amazed at how supportive and patient our church has been as we have walked through this trying time together.  You have been resilient and flexible as we have tried to adjust to a new normal.

Because none of us has been this way before, we have been methodical and calculated in how and when we reopen.  We must make sure that whatever ministries we provide, we have a sufficient volunteer workforce to serve.  Also, we must evaluate the effectiveness of the new sanitary protocols, which takes time.  Furthermore, we do not know how people will respond or how many will show up and do not want to offer a service that we cannot deliver.  Therefore, we have chosen to open in phases, launching, and becoming comfortable with one phase before starting the next.  We are ready to announce the next phase of our relaunch.

While many of our church members have been maintaining connectivity through Zoom Sunday School and online worship, some of our people have had a more difficult time connecting.  One of those groups has been our young families with children/students.  While on the surface, it seems that these young families would be the perfect candidates for a digital ministry, we are finding that it does present challenges, even for them.

On September 6, we will launch a limited on-campus Sunday School primarily for families with children, birth through 12th Grade.  This Sunday School will include modified Preschool, Children, Student, and College Departments, as well as Young Adult Classes and two Median Adult Classes.  Safety protocols will be in place in each department to help mitigate the spread of the virus (details to follow).  Adult Sunday School classes that are currently on Zoom will continue to meet digitally.

To accommodate this Sunday School, our worship service times will shift to a 9:30 Legacy Service and an 11:00 Modern Service.  The new Sunday School will meet during the Legacy Service at 9:30, allowing for attendance at the Modern service.  It also will serve as an option for the children of families attending the Legacy service. This time change limits the amount of time spent gathering between services.

Because of our phased approach, we are not ready to provide on-campus Sunday School options beyond these, yet.  This limited Sunday School has been in the works for over six weeks.  We are currently working on plans to continue expanding our on-campus Sunday School groups and Wednesday night programming for future phases.

Please continue to pray for your church leadership as we move forward.

Your partner in ministry,

Bro. James